Welcome to my new blog.

I’m not historically a blogger. I greatly admire all those who regularly produce posts touching on all areas of society, and in my own field, law.

Quite how people manage it when they also have busy careers to manage I just don’t know. I’ve never managed to find the time. I probably have to learn a little about blogging. Please bear with me.

I’ve taken to this because my profession is under threat, and with it the jobs and livelihoods of everyone I have ever worked with. All those dedicated professionals, serving the public for usually modest rewards, are endangered.

So I am driven to write. I can only try.

I hope ultimately that the last post I have to write on this blog is one celebrating victory for justice.


One comment

  1. Vince Ward

    Thank you very much for that excellent outline of the current consultation. It’s time for the public to know what a disaster it will be if these proposals are enacted

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